Thursday, January 20, 2011


1. White House wonders about Ambassador Jon Huntsman. [The State Column]
2. The Republicans' choice. [Public Policy Polling]
3. A three-way pileup atop 2012 GOP presidential race. [The Fix on The Washington Post]
4. Rick Santorum calls Obama's abortion stance 'Remarkable For A Black Man'. [The Note on ABC News]
5. Sarah Palin aides in talks with Iowans. [Politico]
6. Sarah Palin's enforcer. [The Daily Beast]
7. GOP to public: Send us your ideas. [Politico]
8. How should Democrats manage the Health Care Repeal circus? [Mother Jones]
9. Rep. Eric Cantor to Senate: 'hold a vote'. [The State Column]
10. Steny Hoyer expects 'increased discussion' on gun control. [Politico]

Since many Republicans in the House of Representatives have made it seem like they have actually enacted legislation with there ceremonial Health Care Repeal vote yesterday, I though they could use a refresher:

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