Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I decided it was time to start publishing the report once again. However, the newer version will not be as ambitious as the old version. After all, I have a life and I need to sleep.

I think one post a day should be sufficient.

Hopefully, we'll all learn something...

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Along with the four news posts - AM Brief, PM Brief, Night Owl and Rooster - the return of a daily Politix Post. All of this and more when posting returns in 9 days!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

ROOSTER - MARCH 18, 2011

1. Quake puts dent in rebounding Hawaiian tourism. [Reuters]
2. Apple may face Shortages for IPad Components after quake. [Bloomberg]
3. FDA warns of Drug Scams that play on Radiation Fear. [USA Today]
4. Arizona Senate rejects 5 major Immigration bills. [The Arizona Republic]
5. Feds: Pattern of misconduct by New Orleans police. [MSNBC from AP]
6. Bracketology: How one man's College Basketball Ratings changed the College Hoops Equation. [Time]


1. Central banks move to weaken yen and calm markets. [Reuters]
2. Japan's catastrophes: Nature strikes back. [The Economist]
3. Oil prices rise as U.N. approves force against Gadhafi. [Los Angeles Times]
4. 5th child victim killed in Mexico drug violence. [Associated Press]
5. Groupon is said to discuss IPO Valuation of up to $25 Billion. [Bloomberg]
6. Charlie Sheen is 'The Biggest Loser in the World' says Andrew Dice Clay. (Text & Video) [Radar Online]

Thursday, March 17, 2011

PM BRIEF: MARCH 17, 2011

1. Japan Earthquake 2011: Nuclear Battle may take Weeks, says U.S. [The Huffington Post]
2. Radiation spread seen; Frantic Repairs go on. [The New York Times]
3. SEC moves to charge Fannie, Freddie execs. [The Washington Post with Bloomberg]
4. Libya: celebrations in Benghazi as UN backs no-fly zone. [The Telegraph - UK]
5. Three militants, three solidiers killed in Yemen. [CNN]

6. House passes bill to defund NPR. [Politico]
7. Prince William in Christchurch offers condolences to Japan, New Zealand. (Text & Video) [Global Post]
8. Pod of 11 beached pilot whales rescued in Australia. [The Australian]
9. New Bible draws critics of gender-neutral language. [Associated Press]
10. Larry King: 'No Interest' in interviewing Charlie Sheen. [The Hollywood Reporter]

AM BRIEF: MARCH 17, 2011

1. Japan Nuclear Crisis: Workers Fail to Stabilize Plant; U.S. Water Pumps might be the Answer. (Text & Video) [ABC News]
2. US charter flights begin to leave Japan. (Text & Video) [MSNBC]
3. China urges Japan to give swift Radiation Information. [Reuters]
4. 'Blood Money': Pakistan frees CIA contractor. [CBS News]
5. E.P.A. proposes New Emission Standards for Power Plants. [The New York Times]
6. Kerry warns U.S. against failing to act on Libya. [Reuters]
7. 'The children of Reagan' reshaping Congress. [Los Angeles Times]
8. For St. Patrick’s Day: An Irish Beer FAQ. [Alligator]


1. Japan stocks fall; yen keeps funds in bearish mood. [Reuters]
2. Low radioactivity seen heading towards North America. [Reuters]
3. Pressure Mounts on All Parties in Afghan War to Begin Talks. [The New York Times]
4. In Iraq protests, a younger generation finds its voice. [The Washington Post]
5. Defunding the Left. [Mother Jones]
6. Luck o' the Irish: 15 St. Patrick's Day recipes . [Los Angeles Times]


1. Parts of Tokyo look like ghost town. [MSNBC from Reuters]
2. Specter of Rebel Rout helps Shift U.S. Policy on Libya. [The New York Times]
3. Four New York Times staffers go missing in Libya. [CBS News]
4. South Korea rejects North's offer to discuss uranium at talks. [Reuters]
5. Abbas says he is ready to meet Hamas in Gaza to end division. [Los Angeles Times]
6. Charlie Sheen's Live Shows a fast Sellout. [ABC News]

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PM BRIEF: MARCH 16, 2011

1. Big California quake likely to devastate state. [Reuters]
2. What are the odds? US nuke plants ranked by quake risk. [MSNBC]
3. Science of the Quake. [Mother Jones]
4. 3rd suit filed against Philly Archdiocese heads. [CBS News]
5. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez Recalled. [ABC News]

6. Talking about Guns. [The New York Times]
7. Missouri man guilty of lacing ice cream, Molesting girls. [MSNBC from Reuters]
8. PepsiCo announces all-Plant-based Plastic bottle. [Los Angeles Times]
9. Nathaniel D. Hale, soulful singer of gangsta rap known as Nate Dogg, dies at 41. [The Washington Post]
10. Grant Hill’s Response to Jalen Rose. [The Quad on The New York Times]

AM BRIEF: MARCH 16, 2011

1. Aftershocks prompt fear of a major quake near Tokyo. [Los Angeles Times]
2. Japan's emperor in historic speech: 'Never give up hope'. (text & Video) [CNN]
3. Last Defense at Troubled Reactors: 50 Japanese workers. [The New York Times]
4. Divided House votes for 3-week budget extension. [McClatchy]
5. Bahrain crushes protests, draws U.S. criticism. [Reuters]
6. Libya revolt: Cameron urges UN to 'show leadership'. [BBC News]
7. Gunning down immigrants — and other democratic experiments. [The Washington Post]
8. President Obama likes chalk for NCAAs. [ESPN]


1. Japan says 2nd Reactor may have Ruptured with Radioactive Release. [The New York Times]
2. Petraeus positive about US Afghanistan progress. [BBC]
3. Chip prices jump as Japan quake threatens supply. [Reuters]
4. Tokyo stocks finish strong. [CNNMoney]
5. The Fed doesn't mention Japan. [The Economist]
6. Meet Chris Dodd, Hollywood's new man in Washington. [McClatchy]


1. Japan's nuclear crisis prompts U. S. run on iodine pills despite no threat. [McClatchy]
2. Gaddafi forces push towards rebels, no U.N. move yet. [Reuters]
3. Over to Obama. [BBC]
4. Powder at Kennedy Space Center tests positive for cocaine. [CNN]
5. Montana raids farms growing Medical Cannabis. [The New York Times]
6. Images of destruction in Japan (Photos). [The Economist]

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PM BRIEF: MARCH 15, 2011

1. Americans in Japan voice anxiety over Nuclear Meltdowns. [McClatchy]
2. Fear the Media Meltdown, Not the Nuclear One. [Pajamas Media]
3. Pakistan court indicts CIA contractor for double murder. [Reuters]
4. Boycott targets contributors to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. [The Raw Story]
5. House Panel Votes to Limit E.P.A. Power. [The New York Times]

6. Is trustworthiness purely relative? [The Economist]
7. RNC considers selling TV rights of presidential primary debates. [CNN]
8. A debt crisis that requires compassion. [The Washington Post]
9. Malaysia to release 35,000 Bibles amid 'Allah' row. [BBC News]
10. Look what's popping up on your favorite TV shows. [Los Angles Times]

AM BRIEF: MARCH 15, 2011

1. Japan's nuclear crisis might not be the last. [The Washington Post]
2. Relatives search for Japan quake Victims under chaotic conditions. [Los Angeles Times]
3. President Obama: We must seek agreement on Gun Reforms. [Arizona Daily Star]
4. Hillary Clinton in Paris for talks on Libya crisis. [The Star Press from AP]
5. Return of the Salmonella Republicans. [The New Republic]
6. Gen. Petraeus to be pressed on Afghan war’s costs, timeline. [The Hill]
7. Pacific Northwest "overdue" for Major Quake. [CBS News]
8. Microsoft adds Do-Not-Track Tool to Browser. [The Wall Street Journal]


1. North Korea says willing to discuss uranium enrichment. [Reuters]
2. Japan and the next Big One. [Achenblog on The Washington Post]
3. Nuclear crisis recalls painful memories in Hiroshima. [CNN]
4. Saudis send Force to bolster Bahrain. [The Wall Street Journal]
5. Aflac Searches for New Duck. [DealBook on The New York Times]
6. Album review: New York Dolls' 'Dancing Backward in High Heels'. [Los Angeles Times]


1. Kan Warns of High Radiation Level. [The Wall Street Journal]
2. How much will the Japan quake hurt the Global Economy? [The New Republic]
3. Higher food prices may be here to stay. [The Washington Post]
4. Panic Selling in Japan weighs on Global Markets. [The New York Times]
5. Wisconsin Democrats say down but not out in Union Fight. [Reuters]
6. Bill Spooner sues Wolves writer. [ESPN from AP]

Monday, March 14, 2011

PM BRIEF: MARCH 14, 2011

1. Japan fears a Nuclear Disaster after Reactor Breach. [Los Angeles Times]
2. Budget impasse cements public's Disapproval of Washington. [The Washington Post]
3. Libya: Obama's Moment of Truth. [The New Republic]
4. Nikkei plunges in Quake aftermath. [CNN]
5. Warmer temperatures could start flooding in Minnesota. [Reuters]

6. 2,405 Shot Dead since Tucson. [The Daily Beast]
7. NRA to President: The Problem Isn't Guns. [ABC News]
8. After Silvio Berlusconi, Nichi Vendola? [The Nation]
9. Glenn Beck: Japan earthquake could be 'message' from God to follow the Ten Commandments. [New York Daily News]
10. Rock 'n' Rollers Salute their Own. [The New York Times]

AM BRIEF: MARCH 14, 2011

1. Oil slips on Japan; Libya, Mideast limit slide. [Reuters]
2. U.S. Nuclear Industry faces new Uncertainty. [The New York Times]
3. Lieberman says hold off on new nuclear plants for now. [CNN]
4. China’s premier: Don’t compare us with Mideast. [MarketWatch]
5. U.S. missile strike kills 3 in Pakistan. [USA Today from AP]
6. P.J. Crowley Resigns as State Department spokesman . [The Huffington Post]
7. 3 Essential Facts About the Current Moment: We're out of Money, The Public Sector is Overpaid, & We Can't Tax our Way Out of This. [Reason]
8. Texas teen hoops player collapses, dies. [ESPN from AP]


1. Japan's Nuclear Crisis: Lessons for the U.S. [The New York Times]
2. Pakistan assassinations highlight sway of Radical Clerics. [The Washington Post]
3. Sarkozy's gamble in recognizing the Libyan opposition. [Global Public Square on CNN]
4. Global supply chain rattled by Japan quake, Tsunami. [Reuters]
5. Rush Limbaugh: Will Environmentalists 'Cheer' about Japan Earthquake? (Text & Audio) [The Huffington Post]
6. My dinner with Phil — A revealing conversation with Lakers Coach Phil Jackson. [Los Angeles Times]