Thursday, January 20, 2011


With the recent shooting massacre in Arizona, a new debate has sprung up regarding semiautomatic weapons and the size of their ammunition magazines. While I am not a gun fan, I support a persons constitutional right to own one. What I would like any gun owner or the National Rifle Association to show me anywhere in the second amendment where it says that there is a right to own magazines holding 30 or more rounds. Perhaps you could include the type of animal you would hunt with such a gun.

Clearly, the evidence in Arizona shows that if the shooter had a 10 round magazine, only 10 shots would have been fired. Isn't it time we add a little pragmatism - and sanity - into our national gun control debate?

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5. Magazine used in the weapon used in Arizona shooting was banned under Clinton-era assault weapons ban. [Blogging Blue]
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8. Bill would ban high-capacity mags nationwide: Limits already in place in New York. [Times Beacon Record]

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