Thursday, January 13, 2011


She came from the gun-toting town of Wassila, Alaska, with all the sublty of an exploding grenade. A mama grizzle, unskilled in dignified, intellectual conversation. Locked and loaded to shoot at every turn.

Playing partner in crime to the Maverick from Arizona, she was in vogue - or was she going rogue? She carried magazines, not the kind you read.

In her gun-sight cross-hairs was everyone who didn't see things her way. She encouraged her followers to reload and target - and hate.

A sharp-shooter, who practiced until her attack verbiage was as sharp as the skills of a champion archer. Ready, aim, fire...for the Presidency (and at the President?).

Then one Saturday in January of 2011, a person that she targeted was shot-upon. Six people died, including what she might refer to as "a young gun" - a child of nine. He was deranged, probably just a loose-cannon.

But, instead of putting on the safety and quietly moseying on off into the sunset back to Her Alaska, she spoke of gun duels and blood libel. Crazy like a Fox (newscaster?).

Are we sure it was just the shooter who is deranged? Oh, no, don't shoot Sarah...

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