Monday, January 31, 2011


NOTE: Beginning today, the stories that appear in the AM Brief will be derived from the Newspapers appearing in our Daily Headlines feature. Daily Headlines is published approximately 90 minutes after AM Brief.

1. Boehner, Daley offer clashing opinions on budget. [Los Angeles Times]
2. Iraq may not be able to ward off insurgents after U.S. pullout. [The Dallas Morning News]
3. As Egypt teeters, U.S. toes thin line. [The Tennessean]
4. Israel Shaken as Turbulence Rocks an Ally. [The New York Times]
5. Losses at Afghanistan’s largest bank are three times worse than thought. [The Dallas Morning News]
6. Will Obama's 'Sputnik moment' fly? [Los Angeles Times]
7. Gazing Afar for Other Earths, and Other Beings. [The New York Times]
8. Child pornography is worse than you think; victims get younger, violence increases. [Detroit Free Press]

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