Tuesday, December 21, 2010


On Monday evening my stepdaughter and I experienced what millions around the world were experiencing simultaneously - a lunar eclipse. What made this eclipse special was that there hadn't been one on the winter solstice in over 400 years (and another won't occur for another 80 years).

If you missed it, here are some stories, photos and video of the event...

1. Lunar eclipse coincides with winter solstice. [The Washington Post]
2. Stunning lunar eclipse photos reveal blood-red moon. [Space on MSNBC]

3. Night owls glimpse rare lunar eclipse on same day as winter solstice. [The Globe And Mail - Canada]
4. Once in 400-year lunar eclipse dazzles the Australian skyline. [The Daily Telegraph - Australia]

5. Observers comment on Eclipse: 'How tiny we are'. [City Room on The New York Times]
6. Lunar eclipse: Rare event delights skywatchers (Photo Gallery). [The Washington Post]

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