Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The 2010 Census results were released this afternoon. The links provided below will lead you to a multitude of information. The single point that I want to make about the numbers is that our population grew by 9.7 percent. If the number sounds familiar, that's the current unemployment number. Clearly, when it comes to employment, we are not keeping pace with population growth. While I am an advocate for immigration, it seems to me when we can't employ those who are already in our country, perhaps its time to limit those who are entering. The limits don't have to be permanent, but rather congress should be able to put in restrictions when necessary in order to keep our economy strong and limit employment. Just a thought...

1. A new portrait of America, first 2010 Census Results. [Census.gov]
2. Texas wins big, Sun Belt states gain in Census. [National Journal]
3. Don't jump to conclusions about census. [CNN]

4. With census changes, GOP gains edge in races for Congress, president. [Los Angeles Times]
5. As U.S. becomes more diverse, Hispanics flourish. [Reuters]
6. Locke says Census cost $1.87B less than expected. [ABC News]

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