Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Delegates are now in week 2 of the Climate Change Summit in Cancun. The intent of the U.N. sponsored summit is to slow the process of global warming.

Last year the summit was held in Copenhagen and it produced so little in terms of progress that it drastically lowered the expectations of this year's event. The location, Cancun, also may have put into question the seriousness of the conference since the city is better known for spring break and not for high-minded discussion (or maybe it has a reputation for "high-mindedness).

Here's little about the summit and what has transpired to date:

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5. Doing the CancĂșn. [The Economist]

6. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu brings low profile to Cancun. [Mother Nature Network]
7. Q&A: Cancun summit delegate Dr. Rosalind Reeve. [Al Jazeera]
8. Cancun - negotiations enter week two. [Greenpeace]
9. Greenpeace holds seabed protest in Cancun (Video). [BBC News]
10. The Melt: climate change and the disappearing Himalayan glaciers (Video). [Guardian - UK]

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