Friday, December 03, 2010


Yesterday, Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) voted against an extension to unemployment benefits since he did not believe they should be extended past 99 weeks. The problem is that the bill did not mention anything about the 99 week plateau. In these serious times we need serious, conscientious leaders who take the time to understand the bills for which they cast a ballot.

Here's the article (from The Huffington Post) about the vote "John Barrasso blocks Unemployment Bill he doesn't understand", followed by my email to Senator Barrasso respectfully asking him to resign due to incompetence.


Your inability to grasp the unemployment extension bill you voted against is appalling. Although you don't directly represent me in Congress, your votes affect my life. It is with that concern that I respectfully ask you to immediately resign your post so that someone who has the time to understand legislation might take your place. We are at a too critical time in the history to tolerate this type of incompetence from our leaders. One can only wonder what other legislation you have cast a vote, for or against, without grasping its meaning and affect.

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