Thursday, November 25, 2010


What more can I possibly say about Thanksgiving other than that even in our worst years we always have someone or something for which to be thankful. This year I thank you all for reading my posts. Enjoy your dinner!

1. First Thanksgiving got it right. [Los Angeles Times]
2. America celebrates Thanksgiving with family. [The Washington Examiner]
3. New study reveals - What are you thankful for? [CBS News]

4. Thanksgiving Scripture. [The New York Times]
5. President Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation. [WildWestWeb]
6. How a vegetarian, a grocer named Ahmed and many others put turkeys on the needy's tables. [AOL News on Politics Daily]

7. A White House Thanksgiving. [CNN]
8. Presidential Proclamation - Thanksgiving Day. [The White House]
9. Three Flag-Football plays for your Thanksgiving game from Archie Manning. [Esquire]
10. Rush Limbaugh outraged that Obama's Thanksgiving Declaration thanks Native Americans. [MediaIte]

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