Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today we marked day 100 of the Gulf oil spill. It's amazing when you think of how much has happened since the spill started. We have news that the oil is dissipating quicker than originally thought. But, before we all get excited, there seems to be another leak that needs to be dealt with. Here's looking at the latest with hopes that on the 200th day the Gulf of Mexico will be on the way to recovery with no leaks in sight.

1. Oil spill Day 100: The Gulf disaster, day by day. [Mobile Press-Register]
2. The 10 lessons in the 100 days of the Gulf oil spill. [Miami Herald]
3. On the surface, Gulf Oil Spill is vanishing fast; Concerns stay. [The New York Times]
4. Crews work to cap new Louisiana oil leak near Gulf. [Associated Press]
5. Republican seeks vote on drilling ban. [The Hill]

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