Thursday, July 29, 2010


As a New Yorker (now living in Florida - where eles?), Charles Rangel was a man I was proud to have represent my state in congress. But, like another Washington insider that I once respected, John McCain, I no longer have any faith in Rangel. The facts of the counts levied against him are spelled out below. As I hope that Charley does the honorable thing (resign), I have only one thing left to say and that is to quote an old teacher of mine: "Chuck you Farley!"

1. House Committee reports on Rangel . [The New York Times]
2. Ethics panel brings 13 counts against embattled Representative Charles Rangel (Democrat-NY). [The Hill]
3. Rangel's tainted legacy. [Politico]
4. Charlie Rangel ethics saga: Bad timing for burdened Democrats. [Politics Daily]

5. Rangel says ethics panel violated his Constitutional rights. [The Hill]
6. Somber scene in Rangel 'trial' opener. [Politico]
7. Rangel opponent: N.Y. delegation should call for Rangel's resignation. [The Hill]
8. Top Republican says no deal for Charlie Rangel in ethics scandal. [Politics Daily]

9. Live blog: Representative Charlie Rangel ethics hearing. [New York Post]
10. K Street goes to the defense of Charlie Rangel. [Washington Examiner]
11. Charlie Rangel: ethics violator. [The Washington Post]
12. Charles Rangel charged with ethics violations: How bad for Democrats? [The Christian Science Monitor]

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