Thursday, July 08, 2010


I'm sure there's some topic that I should be presenting today but I felt a need for a little bit of fun. So here's some stuff I found to brighten up my day and hopefully yours.

Oh yeah, on the chance that you're reading this LeBron, SAY YES TO THE KNICKS!!!

1. BREAKING NEWS: LeBron to retire from NBA, start new TBS sitcom. [Bleacher Report]
2. Brett Favre: LeBron James should hurry up and choose. [Bleacher Report]
3. As 41% of Alaskans say they would vote for Sarah Palin for President in 2012, task force asks, "What the f#@k is wrong with the drinking water in Alaska?!". [Lying Dog News]
4. Dare to bare all Saturday for world-record skinny dip attempt. [Issaquah Press]

5. Toyota warns that any of its vehicles may unexpectedly turn into pumpkins. [Lying Dog News]
6. Off-duty cop nabs teen jumping own fence. [Nevada Appeal]
7. Willow garage robot fetches beer, engineers rejoice. [SlashDot]
8. What's going on in South Carolina? A look at some of the state's lesser known scandals. [The Onion]

9. McChrystal says marijuana shared with Rolling Stone reporter was his undoing. [Lying Dog News]
10. Karzai, suspected of heroin addiction, says he has no drug problem, insists that "everything is really cool, man." [Lying Dog News]
11. Report: All the good stuff costs, like, 200 bucks. [The Onion]
12. Unwritten rules of baseball. [The Onion]

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