Sunday, February 06, 2011


TBRs coverage of Super Bowl XLV continues with the last of the pre-game posts. Look for the final installment of this series after tonight's game. Now, sit back and watch.

Oh, yeah, GO STEELERS!!!

1. Steelers stars trump logic, Packers. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
2. Ben Roethlisberger worries about winning his next game and not about his legacy. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
3. U.S. Steel warns workers about post-Super Bowl shifts. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review from AP]

4. NFL's 'most storied franchises' to clash as history's Goliaths. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
5. Cowboys Stadium problems. [The Dallas Morning News]

6. Green Bay Packers' foundation for success follows 1990s model. [Packers News on Green Bay Press-Gazette]
7. Packers vs. Steelers: 5 things to watch. [Wisconsin State Journal]
8. Who's got the edge in today's Super Bowl? [Packers News on Green Bay Press-Gazette]

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