Monday, February 21, 2011


Celebrating the holiday dedicated to those that served America as holders of our highest office in Government.

1. The Presidents (Biography, History, Etc.). []
2. Presidents Day: A Time to Remember the Greats. [FOX News]
3. Presidents Day watered down. [Boston Herald]
4. Whom does Presidents' Day really honor? [The Answer Sheet on The Washington Post]
5. What holiday? For the many disenchanted, Presidents Day has lost its purpose. [The Dallas Morning News]
6. Richard Dreyfuss Op-Ed: Give Washington and Lincoln days of their own. [New York Daily News]

7. On Presidents’ Day: Lincoln is King. [FrumForum]
8. The Net Worth of every American President, from Washington to Obama. [24/7 Wall Street on The Huffington Post]
9. Our past presidents would be disappointed. [Boston Herald]
10. What if modern Politicos rocked Abe's beard? (Photos) [BLTWY on MSNBC]
11. Quiz: Happy Birthday, Mr. President. [US News & World Report]
12. A Presidents' Day quiz. [The Answer Sheet on The Washington Post]

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