Thursday, February 03, 2011


NOTE: The stories that appear in the AM Brief are derived from the Newspapers appearing in our Daily Headlines feature. Daily Headlines is published approximately 90 minutes after AM Brief.

1. Fewer people applied for jobless aid last week. [The Arizona Republic]
2. Florida ruling echoes Oklahoma lawsuit against health care law. [The Oklahoman]
3. Sen. Mark Udall to push amendment to balance federal budget. [The Denver Post]
4. In Alaska, reluctance to accept end of earmarks. [Wisconsin State Journal from AP]
5. Arizona health cuts hurt state's children, report says. [The Arizona Republic]
6. Alleged Upper Darby bullies denied release, judge boots media from court. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
7. Auschwitz decays, prompting preservation effort. [The Denver Post from AP]
8. Injured wrestler rejects medical intervention, wants spine to heal naturally. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

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