Tuesday, February 01, 2011


NOTE: The stories that appear in the AM Brief are derived from the Newspapers appearing in our Daily Headlines feature. Daily Headlines is published approximately 90 minutes after AM Brief.

1. Huge, peaceful crowd in Cairo's Tahrir Square proclaims Mubarak's rule is ending. [The Washington Post]
2. Egyptian army pledges not to fire on protesters. [San Francisco Chronicle from AP]
3. Jordan's king sacks Cabinet amid street protests. [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution from AP]
4. What the Vinson ruling on Health Care Reform means. [The Washington Post]
5. TSA to test new body scanning system in Las Vegas. [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution from AP]
6. Illinois civil unions signed into law. [Chicago Tribune]
7. Boeing subsidies called illegal, EU claims. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch from AP]
8. Latest blizzard warning: Don't travel, stay indoors. [Chicago Tribune]

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