Saturday, January 15, 2011


TBRs weekly feature of stories you may have missed and a few favorite photos. The photos are from the MSNBC weekly feature, The Week In Pictures. The subject of the photos are as follows:

1. The floods in Brisbane, Australia
2. A woman among men: Hillary Clinton meets with Gulf Cooperation Council
3. Sledding in Texarkana, Texas
4. Emergency personnel move congresswoman Gabrielle Giffordsafter she was shot in the head

For more of the photos, check out The Week In Pictures, archive. [MSNBC]

1. Arizona shooting: Jared Loughner 'posed with gun in women's underwear'. [The Telegraph - UK]
2. Wikipedia turns 10. [ghacks]
3. Commentary: 'Huck Finn,' the N-word and sanitizing history. [McClatchy]
4. Australia floods: youngest victim was swept from mother's arms. [The Telegraph - UK]
5. Tweet away, Troops: Pentagon won't ban Social Media. [Wired]

6. Son suggests Reagan had Alzheimer's as president. [Associated Press]
7. The Onion makes big TV push. [Variety]
8. Fox shoots hunter with his own gun. [Independent]
9. For some students in the South, a King Day lacking that 'Holiday' feature. [The New York Times]
10. Motown Revival is a Crowd Pleaser. [The Wall Street Journal]

11. A Duane Reade drug store in Brooklyn with a Beer Bar. [The New York Times]
12. South Carolina school tries to sweep MLK Day under the rug. []
13. The President's Speech. [SwampLand on Time]
14. Who killed the Assault Weapons Ban? [Mother Jones]
15. Virus kills hordes of crickets raised for reptiles. [Yahoo! News from AP]

16. Strife in Egypt: What the Arab papers say. [The Economist]
17. Person who saved Rep. Giffords’ life is openly gay. [The Raw Story]
18. Two-Headed Cow Calf born in Tbilisi, Georgia (Text & Video). [The Huffington Post from AP]
19. 'Humor writer' names Olbermann a 'target' after Giffords shooting. [The Raw Story]
20. Steven Tyler wants to record new Aerosmith LP, but he can't find Joe Perry. [Rolling Stones]

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