Monday, January 03, 2011


Recently, there has been a significant amount of discussion concerning the 'Repeal Amendment', which would allow states to overturn law if two-thirds vote for repeal. While there is a part of me that actually likes the idea, realistically, it would seem to increase bureaucracy.

What I like about the amendment is that it makes congress less significant. Therefore, if it gets to the point of serious consideration, it should also be coupled with a law imposing term limits to congress; 2 terms (12 years) for Senators and 4 terms (8 years) for Representatives. The term-limit amendment should include provisions for health care for members of congress that would be equal to the median health care coverage in America. Pensions would be eliminated and replaced with 401K, with median matching.

Chew on that Eric Cantor. If you're ready for real change that will make a difference, I've got several more ideas. Email me your number and a good time to call.

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