Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In the third part of this multi-part series, TBR looks at the persons giving the Republican Response (Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin) and Tea Party Response (Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota). Since both respondents are Republicans, the party message may seem scrambled.

1. Paul Ryan to deliver GOP response to Obama. [The Oval on USA Today]
2. Katrina vanden Heuvel: Paul Ryan's State of the Union response. [The Washington Post]
3. Ryan’s Big Day (and how Democrats plan to ruin it). [National Review]

4. State of the Union 'response' often a mixed-blessing for the responder. [The Washington Post]
5. Ryan, Bachmann release Excerpts of their State of the Union Responses. [FOX News]

6. Bachmann says she's 'not in competition with Paul Ryan'. [PoliticalTicker on CNN]
7. Michele Bachmann's Tea Party State of the Union Response will criticize 'Explosion of Government Spending'. [ABC News]
8. Rand Paul says Bachmann response not a problem. [PoliticalTicker on CNN]

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