Friday, January 21, 2011


Yous gotta be kiddin' me. The Feds pinched Baby Shacks, Baby Fat Larry, Tony Bagels, Vinny Carwash and The Claw!

It was a scene that could have come from The Godfather, Goodfellas or The Sopranos. Instead, it happened for real. Yesterday, the FBI arrested over 120 organized crime members, mostly in the Northeast. It was the biggest crackdown on the mob in history.

Below you'll find more on the how's and why's of the busts. Even though the crackdown was big, if you think this spells the end of the Mafia, I have only one word for you:


1. More than 120 busted in Northeast Mafia crackdown. [Yahoo! News from AP]
2. Resilient Mafia will survive U.S. sweep: experts (Text & Video). [CTV - Canada]
3. Yeah, Da Mob reamins in business: No, Da Family ain't what it used to be. [The Moderate Voice]
4. Expert: Mob Takedown shines light on Fading, Aging, 'Pathetic' Mafia (Text & Video). [ABC News]
5. Eliot Spitzer: 'This is your grandfather's mob' (Text & Video). [CNN]

6. Mafia has its toughest day, leaving other mobs to rule. [The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia]
7. McDonald: FBI alleged mob arrests "a dent". [Parker-Spitzer on CNN]
8. Mafia arrests: Four of the most famous mob busts in history. [The Christian Science Monitor]
9. FBI 100 mob arrests similar to 110 mob arrest and convictions in '70s. [Examiner]
10. POLL: Vote for best Mafia Nickname of Suspects Arrested by the FBI. [AOL News]

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