Friday, January 07, 2011


In what will be a symbolic gesture, the Republicans in the House of Representatives will vote to repeal Health Care Reform. While the GOP may have the votes to pass the bill in the House, the legislation will die in the Senate.

The following links and videos provide background for repeal attempt...

1. Repeal Pledge. [Repeal It]
2. Text of the Repeal Bill. [The Weekly Standard]
3. The Repeal Pledge: Holding politicians to their promise to replace ObamaCare. [The Wall Street Journal]
4. Health care reform: House marches toward repeal vote. [The Christian Science Monitor]

5. GOP speeding doomed health repeal to a vote. [Los Angeles Times]
6. Health care repeal would increase deficit by $230 billion. [Reno Gazette-Journal from AP]
7. GOP's Vote to Repeal Health Care undermines Pledge To Cut Spending, stick to Cut-Go Rule . [Think Progress]
8. Moderate Democrats say they’ll repeal parts of Obamacare, but not the whole thing. [The Daily Caller]

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