Wednesday, January 12, 2011


One year ago today, the people of Haiti suffered the devastating effects of a powerful earthquake that destroyed a great deal of their country. Sadly, even though millions of dollars in aid were collected for the nation and its people, much of the country looks very much the same as it did immediately following the quake.

The following is a look at the quake and the aftermath...

1. 2010 Haiti earthquake. [Wikipedia]
2. Sombre Haiti vows never to forget earthquake dead. [Toronto Sun]
3. Haiti's Quake, one year later: It's the rubble, stupid! [Time]
4. Haiti's shaky future: Reducing earthquake risk. [Our Amazing Planet]

5. Images of Haiti days after the earthquake, and now (Photos). [NPR]
6. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Haiti earthquake. [The Miami Herald]
7. Believers pour faith, backbone & bucks into Haiti (Text & Video). [USA Today]
8. The next step: academics in the BCS? [The Christian Science Monitor]

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