Friday, January 21, 2011


Fake marijuana, also known as K2, Spice, JWH, Red Magic, Serenity Now and Zohai, is not a brand new issue. However, as more and more individuals end up in emergency rooms, local governments are stepping up their opposition to the product.

The biggest issue is that the substance is sold over the counter and therefore is not illegal. Obviously, it is not - and never was - intended for the use of smoking. And, as is always the case, someone is also looking toward "The Next Thing". That next thing is fake cocaine (see #8 below).

For those of you using fake marijuana, check out the second video and then take a look in the mirror. Recognize that person?

The following information is provided to bring you up to date on the issue:

1. Fake-Pot Panic. [Newsweek]
2. Fake Marijuana: The facts. [NBC Philadelphia]
3. DEA Slow to Finalize Ban on Legal Weed K2, Spice. [Hartford Advocate]
4. 'Legal Highs' K2 and Spice will be Banned. [WebMD]

5. 'Fake Marijuana' Users showing up in Emergency Rooms. [MedicineNet from HealthDay News]
6. 'Fake' Marijuana K2 gets kids Perilously High. [Newser]
7. Fake Weed, Real Drug: K2 causing Hallucinations in Teens. [Live Science]
8. Bath salts misused as 'fake cocaine' send Florida users to hospitals. [Sun Sentinel]

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