Wednesday, January 05, 2011


The 112th Congress convenes today. Their tasks are daunting, yet I have already heard talk of Health Care Repeal and endless, wasteful investigations. I am not sure what Eric Cantor, Darrell Issa, Michelle Bachmann and Mitch McConnell learned from the mid-term elections (the defeat of Democrats who failed to find common ground with Republicans), but I am sure that their arrogance could be cured by an electoral ass-kicking in their next election.

I often hear members of Congress speaking for the American people ("The American People want this, The American People want that..."). To them I say, "Listen up, American person speaking". It's time to cut the crap and get to work. Our deficit is too high, tax cuts to those that don't need them are out of balance. Americans need to sacrifice, but the sacrifice can't be born disproportionately by those that can't afford any more pain.

I'll have more to say in a comment later today. Until then, here's more about the 112th Congress...

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