Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Sadly, today we lost one of the most resilient people to live in our lifetime. Regardless of your political views, I am sure that you will agree that Elizabeth Edwards handled herself with grace and dignity over the last six years, even though she new that her cancer was a sure death sentence. Despite that, she kept coming in and out of our lives. Didn't we all think to ourselves, at one time or another, that she must have a strong will to still be with us?

Perhaps because my wife is a breast cancer survivor (and I am a leukemia survivor) that Mrs. Edward's dead has touched me a little more than others. I ask God to bless her and her family. Lord, give her family the strength to remember that she is in a better place.

Elizabeth, Rest in Peace. And, if you wouldn't mind, say hello to my brother for me.

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