Wednesday, December 15, 2010


While groups continue oppose the research, a Stem Cell treatment may have cured a man of HIV and Leukemia. Stems cells restore some sight to a young girl. While I can understand the concerns surrounding the potential for cloning, there is no arguing that Stem Cells may hold the cure for much of what ails us.

Here's some information to help you decide where you stand on this medical advancement...

1. Doctors declare 'cure' in HIV patient. [Toronto Sun]
2. Why HIV advance is not a universal cure. [The Chart on CNN]
3. Cutting through the hype surrounding one man’s HIV "Cure". [Discover Magazine]

4. Delight at girl's sight treatment success. [Midhurst And Petworth Observer]
5. Human cloning an 'imminent threat'. [Life Site News]
6. Court case and congressional inaction put embryonic stem cell research in limbo. [Catholic News Agency]

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