Thursday, December 23, 2010


New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is considering a pardon for Billy The Kid. I will leave the merits of that legal decision to you. Below you find information about Billy and the opinions of other in regard to the pardon.

The point that I want to make is simple: Why does government in America take on such trivial pursuits when there are far more important issues to tackle?

1. Billy the Kid: Biography, FAQ, etc. []
2. New Mexico governor weighs pardon for Billy the Kid. [Los Angeles Times]
3. El Paso historian: Billy the Kid undeserving of a pardon. [El Paso Times]

4. Lawman's descendant objects to pardoning the Kid. [The Washington]
5. Billy the Kid, unforgiven then, should be unforgiven now. [National Post]
6. Hey Billy, you’re gettin’ out of hell! [Oddly Enough on Reuters]

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