Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Not Julian Assange, not the Chilean Coal Miners, not Steve Jobs. Time Magazine has selected Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg as their Person of the Year.

A good choice? Yes.

The best choice? Maybe.

If the criteria is someone who is attempting to make a positive impact on society, then Zuckerberg would seem to be worthy. However, it's my opinion that the criteria should be who has made the biggest splash in the year. In that case, the choice would have to be Julian Assange (Time's readers seem to agree - see below).

What are your thoughts? ABC News lets you express yourself by using the link below. Here's more on the selection, with a little humor tossed in...

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5. In controversial decision, Time Magazine calls Mark Zuckerberg a person. [Borowitz Report]
6. TIME Readers Pick Wikileaks' Julian Assange as Person of the Year. [CBS News]

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