Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Yesterday, the US Senate passed a bill - S. 510, The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act - which enacted new food safety regulations and strengthened the FDA. The passage of the bill may be stalled due to procedural irregularities.

Presented below are stories about the passage, counter-points and the bill itself. Read on...

1. Senate passes sweeping food safety bill. [The Washington Post]
2. S. 510, The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (PDF). [FoodPolitics]
3. S. 510: Some of the Details. [Food Safety News]
4. New food safety regulations? It's about time. [US News & World Report]
5. Oregon boy sickened by tainted peanut butter crackers plays key role in passage of new food safety law. [The Oregonian]

6. Food Safety and (not so) surprising bipartisanship in the Senate. [The New Republic]
7. Food Safety Bill will not make food safer, will increase food costs and budget deficit. [The Weekly Standard]
8. House Democrats may block Food Safety Bill over Senate error. [Roll Call]
9. GOP may block Food Safety Bill. [The Caucus on The New York Times]
10. What makes President Obama think he can work with GOP leaders who are opposed even to Food Safety? [The Nation]

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