Tuesday, December 14, 2010


What can I say? As a Yankee fan, I am disappointed by the Phillies signing Cliff Lee. But, I think it boiled down to whether Lee was up to the attention the New York media would have put on him and his answer was, "No".

Don't get me wrong, Cliff Lee is an outstanding pitcher. He may have won a fair share of games during the season, but what New York needs is a pitcher that can put it together in the World Series. Cliff Lee seems to be a great post-season pitcher but only a good World Series pitcher.

I will say that the Phillies pitching staff is one of the best on paper. But, again, as a Yankee fan, I have seen how good things can look on paper only to fall apart. The Phillies have won the battle in December. Let's see how that plays out next October and November.

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