Monday, December 27, 2010


The Northeastern part of the United States was pounded by a blizzard yesterday into today, stranding travelers and downing power lines. Here's the info on what many are calling the Christmas Blizzard of 2010...

1. Blizzard blasts coastal cities from Virginia to Massachusetts. [The Washington Post]
2. Gee blizz! New York socked by snow. [New York Post]
3. Blizzard 2010: Why big snowfall totals didn't bring Northeast to its knees. [The Christian Science Monitor]
4. Fading blizzard leaves behind more power outages and damaging coastal flooding. [The Boston Globe]

5. Christmas Blizzard of 2010: My seven-hour nightmare stranded on New York City's A train. [New York Daily News]
6. Snow Totals: New Jersey got hammered. [MyFOX Philadelphia]
7. Snowfall Totals by Zip Code - Blizzard hampers East Coast late 2010. [Gather]
8. Blizzard of 2010: Has global warming turned Americans into winter wimps? [The Christian Science Monitor]

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