Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today is National Chocolate Candy Day. While I am not a chocoholic, I do occasionally enjoy a Kit Kat, Crunch, piece of dark chocolate or some M&Ms. Along with being delicious, you are about to discover the benefits of the treat, along with its history and how it may get better for you...

1. National Chocolate Candy Day. [Punchbowl]
2. A Brief History of Chocolate . [Smithsonian]
3. Genetic decoding may lead to better chocolate. [Newsworks]
4. Heart-Health Benefits of Chocolate Unveiled. [Cleveland Clinic]

5. An antioxidant powerhouse. [All Chocolate]
6. Chocolate and Your Brain. [All Chocolate]
7. Sweet News for Managing Blood Sugar. [All Chocolate]
8. Chocolate's Natural Benefits. [All Chocolate]

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