Saturday, December 04, 2010


TBRs weekly feature of stories you may have missed and a few favorite photos. The photos are from a Mick Rock (aka/The Man Who Shot The Seventies) exhibition, "Mick Rock Rock Music" which is currently on display at London's Idea Generation Gallery. The photo subjects are (in order of appearance: Mick Jagger, Queen, Andy Warhol & Lou Reed, David Bowie.

For more photos and the story, check out DazedDigital.

1. Queen's composer to score music for the Royal Wedding. [The Telegraph - UK]
2. James Franco and Anne Hathaway to co-host 2011 Oscars. [BBC News]
3. Electrician discovers treasure trove of Picasso paintings. [StumbleUpon]
4. Mothering the Earth: Grassroots activists are showing women how to clean up the environment while empowering themselves. [Newsweek]
5. Medvedev's star fades ahead of Russia's 2012 vote. [Reuters]
6. LAPD cracks down on jaywalkers this Holiday Season. [NBC - Los Angeles]
7. Google Earth reveals Star of David on roof of Iran Air HQ. [The Jerusalem Post]

8. Nuclear power: the highest public support in over a decade. [Ipsos]
9. New Antiretroviral could reduce risk of HIV Infection. [PBS NewsHour]
10. Guantánamo: Captives clustered in a once-hated cellblock. [The Miami Herald]
11. Marine Corps to reassess how it prepares troops for life after war. [North County Times]
12. Obama hails passage of Settlement for Native Americans, Black Farmers. [AOL News on Politics Daily]
13. What brings parties together? Doubts over bipartisanship. [Politico]
14. Expanding HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment, and Care Programs for Refugees. [DipNote]

15. Saturn Moon Has Oxygen Atmosphere. [National Geographic]
16. As 'Early' overhauls, 'Today' celebrates 15 years at #1. [TV Newser]
17. The legacy of Bruce Lee (Multimedia). [The Wall Street Journal]
18. Bear fight turns into bear hug. [The Telegraph]
19. Electric eel powers Christmas Tree. [Discovery]
20. The cause of weight gain people don't talk about. [The Huffington Post]
21. Julian Assange answers your questions. [Guardian - UK]

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