Saturday, November 20, 2010


TBRs weekly feature of stories you may have missed and a few favorite photos. The photos are:

1. Spring on the Antarctic Peninsula (from NASA)
2. A Paper Nautilus - a species of octopus (from National Geographic)
3. Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton (from Time)
4. A Volkswagen is swamped by water in Salcoats, Scotland (from MSNBC)

1. Privacy as an Information Control Regime: The challenges ahead. [The Technology Liberation Front]
2. Ireland rejects European Bailout efforts. [The New York Times]
3. Larry King is no fan of Social Media: "I love newspapers," he says. [MediaIte]
4. Parents invoke Napoleonic law to foil son’s wedding. [The Telegraph - UK]
5. Study: Women with high job stress face heart risks. [NPR]
6. Man declared dead in '94 arrested in kidnapping case. [CNN]

7. Nazis were given 'Safe Haven' in U.S., report says. [The New York Times]
8. Why is America so rich? [The Economist]
9. Toy pig removed from farm set to avoid offending Muslim and Jewish parents. [The Telegraph - UK]
10. A museum 'exhibition'. and Diesel's Brooklyn Law School photo shoot. [New York Post]
11. Maureen Dowd: The way they were. [The New York Times]
12. Jim Morrison is candidate for pardon in ’69 arrest. [The New York Times]
13. 9 things I learned by shadowing a home-energy inspector. [Mother Jones]

14. Getting snippy about circumcision. [Mother Jones]
15. Americans don’t think new Graphic Warnings will deter smokers, but raising prices will. [Rasmussen Reports]
16. Mayor Bloomberg, Spider-Man fight New York unemployment. [Reuters]
17. One hundred naked citizens: One hundred leaked body scans (Text & Video). [Gizmodo]
18. Eat your grasshoppers. [National Geographic]

19. The incredible shrinking Chamber of Commerce. [Mother Jones]
20. Why I would raise taxes. [Economix on The New York Times]
21. The Lethal Weapon guide to Psychiatry: Does it make sense to slap a hysterical person?. [Slate]
22. After John Tyner: A five-step plan to a sane Airport Security System. [Mother Jones]

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