Saturday, November 06, 2010


BRs weekly feature of stories you may have missed and a few favorite pictures. The pictures are:

1. Dead coral in the Gulf of Mexico.
2. The new bridge over the Hoover Dam.
3. Hippo getting his teeth brushed at the Shanghai Zoo.
4. San Francisco Giants win the World Series.
5. Indonesia's Mount Merapi erupts.
6. Triplets (from left) Aliah, Steven and Aiden Tarabokija at the annual Halloween Ragamuffin Parade, Hoboken, NJ.

1. The Tea Party Constitution versus the Thomas Jefferson Constitution . [The Nation]
2. Greenhouse Gases Transparency. [WMDT 47 News - Maryland]
3. New dioxin rules might force more cleanups. [The Washington Post from AP]
4. Killer Wave: Tsunami Warning System 'broken'. [SkyNews]
5. Chilean Miner to run New York City Marathon. [The New York Times]

6. French youths protesting on behalf of their elders, and themselves. [Los Angeles Times]
7. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer files for bankruptcy after creditors strike deal with Carl Icahn. [Los Angeles Times]
8. 'Spiral' CT scans can cut lung cancer deaths. [MSNBC from Reuters]
9. They were kids on 9/11, now they are fighting long Afghan war. [MSNBC from AP]
10. Radical website puts U.K. lawmakers on death list . [MSNBC]

11. Learning in dorm, because class is on the web. [The New York Times]
12. Costly 'Spider-Man' can't get off the ground. [The New York Times]
13. A guarded optimism in Myanmar as vote nears. [The New York Times]
14. An open letter to would-be GOP Presidents: Are you sure you want the job? [Politics Daily from AOL]
15. Bono brings the $1,600 handbag to Africa. [Politics Daily from AOL]

16. The demise of Pro-Life Democrats: Be careful what you pray for. [Politics Daily from AOL]
17. Republican 2012 hopefuls not shy about White House ambitions. [Politics Daily]
18. Can Obama go back to bold? [Politics Daily]
19. Obama: Get in touch with your inner Bush. [The Daily Beast]
20. Dan Rather: Follow the money. [The Daily Beast]

21. Return of the boozy politician. [The Daily Beast]
22. 39 most dangerous dog breeds. [The Daily Beast]
23. Rupert Murdoch trashes Bill O'Reilly, praises Glenn Beck in interview . [The Huffington Post]
24. Rachel Maddow: Keith Olbermann suspension proves difference between MSNBC & FOX News (Text & Video). [The Huffington Post]
25. Antilla, world's most expensive home, valued at a cool $1 Billion (Text & Video). [The Huffington Post]

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