Thursday, November 11, 2010


Originally celebrated as Armistice Day (to mark the day the armistice went into effect to end the hostilities of World War I), Veterans Day is the day we commemorate the sacrifices of those who fought for our country - in any war. Read about the history and how the day is celebrated in different parts of America...

1. History of Veterans Day. [United States Department Of Veterans Affairs]
2. Veterans Day Proclamation (PDF). [United States Department Of Veterans Affairs]
3. US veterans deserve moment of silence . [Arizona Daily Star]
4. Veterans' visual memories of WWII. [NPR]
5. A World War II soldier's letters bring back the horrors of war. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

6. MillerCoors unveils monument to employees killed in military action. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
7. Veterans Day retrospective (Photos). [The Washington Post]
8. The Nation marks Veterans Day (Slide Show). [The Nation]
9. Veterans Day 2010: 7 heroes from 'Medal Of Honor' (Photos) [The Huffington Post]
10. The pain remains: Our country must address suicides or suicide attempts among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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