Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Unless Congress passes an extension today, Unemployment Benefits will begin to expire for millions of Americans. Shamelessly, this will occur while your Representatives and Senators are embroiled in an argument concerning an extension of Tax Cuts for the most wealthy of Americans.

I urge you to write your Senators and Representative and urge them to extend the benefits for a year with an immediate floor vote.

More info and economic reasons for the extension:

1. Unemployment benefits set to run out for millions of Americans as emergency bill lapses. [New York Daily News]
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3. Unemployment Extension: Dem Senator says standoff could last weeks. [The Huffington Post]
4. Bill to extend federal unemployment benefits introduced in the Senate. [Michigan Live]

5. Unemployment benefits create jobs. [Politico]
6. Failure to pass unemployment insurance extension could cost billions, reports say. [Los Angeles Times]
7. Robert Reich: Congress, help struggling families, not millionaires [The Christian Science Monitor]

8. Why we need to continue Unemployment Insurance Benefits. [Center for American Progress]
9. Unemployment Insurance Benefits don't prevent job searching: Debunking the Conservative Myth. [Center for American Progress]
10. Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits 101 (PDF). [Center for American Progress]

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