Friday, November 19, 2010


As you have witnessed in my recent posts to this blog and my tweets, the failure of Congress to pass an extension of unemployment benefits is really pissing me off. I'll expand on that thought in the next entry on this blog. If you don't share my opinion, I encourage you to review the information in this post. I believe that once you you see how unemployment benefits help the economy, you will be motivated to help in this cause.

During this upcoming week, I ask each of you to take the time and contact your Senator and Congressional Representative. I have either tweeted their contact information (@BukowskiReport) or have provided it my posts over the last two days. While you're at it, send a note to:

Representative John Boehner of Ohio
Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia
Representative Nancy Pelosi of California
Senator Harry Reid of Nevada
Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

With your persuasive words (and the URL to this blog entry), you can help change the "Do Nothing" congress into the "Got Something Done" congress. YES YOU CAN!!!

1. House Republicans block Unemployment Benefits extension. [The Caucus on The New York Times]
2. Cutting off the unemployed takes a special kind of evil. []

3. Unemployment benefits create jobs. [Politico]
4. Failure to pass unemployment insurance extension could cost billions, reports say. [Los Angeles Times]

5. Why we need to continue Unemployment Insurance Benefits. [Center for American Progress]
6. Unemployment Insurance Benefits don't prevent job searching: Debunking the Conservative Myth. [Center for American Progress]
7. Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits 101 (PDF). [Center for American Progress]

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