Monday, November 15, 2010


Charlie Rangel, the embattled Democratic Congressman from New York, walked out of his ethics hearing today claiming he did not have money for an attorney. That's funny, Charlie. It seems to me that among the charges levied against is your failure to pay appropriate taxes on an island property and New York City rentals. Congressman, you could have cut a deal and this matter would have been settled. But, as was your right, you elected to fight. So, now might I suggest that you sell some property to defend yourself or resign your seat immediately.

Mr. Rangel, as a former New Yorker, I had wished that you were my representative and I appreciated the work you did to benefit our state. But, I am now appalled by your arrogance. To walk out of a congressional hearing is simply the last straw. I honor your service to America and now ask that you do what is right for this country.

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