Wednesday, November 10, 2010


One of the most shocking and appalling - if not THE MOST SHOCKING AND APPALLING - things that occurs in America on a daily basis is the number of kids that go hungry. It makes you want to cry out in exasperation, "How can this happen?"

If you want to end this American tragedy, make the "No Kid Hungry" Pledge and then do your part to help.

1. Learn about the campaign. [No Kid Hungry]
2. Strengthen your resolve to end Childhood Hunger in America. []
3. Facts on Childhood Hunger. []

4. Take the "No Kid Hungry" pledge to help end childhood hunger in America. [Planet Green]
5. Take the pledge here. [No Kid Hungry]
6. Oscar winner Jeff Bridges pledges to feed all U.S. kids. [CNN American Morning]

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