Wednesday, November 03, 2010


The Republican Party has to be happy with the results of yesterday's midterm election. I will post commentary later in the day. Until then, here's Part 1 of BRs Midterm Election Recap...

1. 2010 General Election Returns: 4 maps providing the results for the Senate, House, Governor, Ballot Initiatives. [Associated Press]
2. Restive voters divide power in Congress as G.O.P. surges to control of House. [The New York Times]
3. Republican wave bigger than 1994. [The Hill]
4. Few Democrats survive healthcare vote. [The Hill]
5. GOP wins key Governorships, breaks ethnic and gender barriers. [Politics Daily]
6. Tight deadline for new Speaker to deliver. [The New York Times]

7. The Democratic Debacle - and what it means. [Politics Daily from AOL]
8. After the Dem-olition, how tough will Obama get? [Politics Daily]
9. A quick look: The GOP's big victory in the House. [Talking Points Memo]
10. Inside White House, calls for shake-up. [Politico]
11. Funny Midterm Moments. [Politico]
12. Maureen Dowd: Republican party time. [The New York Times]

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