Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I was having a few beers with a friend of mine last week when the conversation turned to ethanol. While I realized that it was derived from corn, I hadn't realized that the corn raised for it was not edible. There was other tidbits of information that was exchanged which made me realize that I should probably put some Focus On the topic. The deal was sealed this week when former Vice President Al Gore announced that he had made a mistake when he supported subsidies for ethanol while he was in office.

So, without further interruption, I give you ethanol...

1. Al Gore Mea Culpa: Support for corn-based ethanol was a mistake. [Politics Daily]
2. Gore riles corn ethanol lobby. [Green on The New York Times]
3. It's time to end the ethanol boondoggle. [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

4. GOP battle over ethanol heats up: Grassley swipes at Coburn and DeMint. [The Plum Line on The Washington Post]
5. Some GOP Senators become unlikely allies of Green Groups in fight to gut ethanol subsidies. [The Huffington Post]
6. EPA to delay ethanol decision. [NACS]

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