Sunday, November 28, 2010


This afternoon, approximately 220,000 more intelligence documents were released. While it was expected that WikiLeaks would release the information in the late afternoon, details started to leak on Twitter earlier in the day. While I can understand the reason why WikiLeaks released the documents, I hope that Julian Assange is ready to take full responsibility should anyone lose their life over this release.

In depth coverage of the latest WikiLeaks release from, with stories starting with #5:

1. WikiLeaks (The Cables)
2. The New York Times
3. Spiegel - Germany
4. Guardian - UK

5. WikiLeaks releases data despite push from U.S. [The Wall Street Journal]
6. WikiLeaks: Leaked cables reveal the rough workings of diplomacy. [The Christian Science Monitor]
7. Royals caught in secrets leak: Biggest intelligence leak in history reveals U.S. contempt for world leaders - and concern at Prince Andrew's behaviour. [The Daily Mail - UK]
8. WikiLeaks cables reveal personal details on world leaders (Text & Video). [The Washington Post]
9. How Twitter scooped Wikileaks. [Gawker]
10. WikiLeaks confronts cyberattack. [The Globe And Mail - Canada]

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