Tuesday, September 07, 2010


First it was the building of a Mosque, now we have a minister wanting to burn the Qu'ran. It seems with each passing day, the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01 seem to be having the desired effect of tearing America in two. Each time we act in ways contrary to our constitution, we lose a little of what makes this country great.

1. Definition of Islamaphobia. [Wikipedia]
2. Documenting anti Muslim bigotry. [Islamophobia Watch]
3. Freedom of speech or Islamophobia?. [The Huffington Post]
4. Islamophobia after 9/11: Enough, already! [Beliefnet]

5. Islamophobia: Does America have a Muslim problem? [Time]
6. Florida pastor plans to press ahead with Quran burning. [Miami Herald]
7. Terry Jones, pastor who wants to burn Korans, isn’t doing Christians any favors. [Everyday Christian]
8. Burn Quran Day: NY mayor defends pastor's right. [One India]

9. US officials say Quran burning endangers troops. [The Associated Press]
10. The Quran burning: sign of things to come? [The Washington Post]
11. In face of Quran-burning threat, 'Silence is not an option:' Clergy. [USA Today]
12. Anti-Muslim acts in five states being investigated by Department Of Justice. [The Huffington Post]

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