Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Finally - after 20 months in office, President Obama has gone on the attack, specifically naming a Republican who has impeded his agenda. The guilty congressman? John Boehner. Yes, the unnaturally tan man. We all have heard Boehner openly discuss how he and his do nothing party would openly stand in the way of the President. It seems that, starting today, the President is ready to call him out. Beware Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor. I suspect the President will have a few words for the two of you as well. The mid-term election campaign has officially begun!

1. Obama launches fall fight. [The Wall Street Journal]
2. In Ohio, Obama makes it personal, attacks GOP leader John Boehner. [The Christian Science Monitor]
3. Obama details opposition to extending tax cuts for the wealthy. [The Washington Post]
4. Obama takes aim at Republican policies. [Los Angeles Times]

5. Obama's bipartisan obsession (finally) ends. [The Huffington Post]
6. Obama blasts Bush tax cuts, calls out John Boehner in Ohio economic speech. [The Huffington Post from AP]
7. White House rejects Boehner's proposals, calling them 'gimmicks'. [The Hill]
8. President, Boehner step up battle of barbs. [The Wall Street Journal]

9. Still fear vs. hope? Obama attacks John Boehner, GOP’s economic vision. [ABC News]
10. Why Obama is going after John Boehner. [The Washington Post]
11. Rendell being Rendell, calls Republicans 'Fruit Loops', 'Whackos' and 'Flat-Out Crazy'. [The Huffington Post]
12. McConnell to Obama: Swear off new taxes if you want to spur growth. [The Hill]

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