Friday, August 13, 2010


Now that he has made it official, Wyclef Jean starts life under the microscope of a Presidential election campaign. Is he the right man for Haiti at this time in their history? He may very well be since he will bring a lot of attention to a nation that is desperate need of rebuilding.

1. Wyclef Jean's official website. []
2. Wyclef Jean's bio. [Wikipedia]
3. Wyclef Jean announces run for Haiti President. [Rolling Stone]
4. Wyclef Jean says Haitians "Don't need a local President" (Text & Video). [The New York Times]

5. Wyclef Jean, president of Haiti? He's officially running now. [The Christian Science Monitor]
6. Wyclef Jean offers details on plans for Haiti. [MSNBC]
7. Wyclef Jean defends Presidential bid: Number 1 qualification iIs 'I am not a Haitian politician'. [The Huffington Post]
8. Celebrity politicians: It's not a role all of them were born to play. [The Washington Post]

9. Haitians ask how 'President Wyclef Jean' sounds (Text & Video). [The New York Times]
10. Wyclef Jean: Does his political career dash hopes of a Fugees reunion? [The Wall Street Journal]
11. Wyclef Jean can't count on Fugees vote. [The New York Times]
12. Haiti presidential race draws 2nd singer. [CBC News]

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