Thursday, August 05, 2010


Say what you will about Alex Rodriguez (and those who know me have heard me speak negatively about the man), it seems that he has become more a team player the last year and a half. That it why I was actually happy for him when he hit his 600th home run. I know there have been questions concerning the legitimacy of his accomplish due to steroid use, but I don't think he used steroids as much as Barry Bonds did (just look at A-Rod throughout his career vs. Barry). And, they were not banned by Major League Baseball at the time.

So, I will simply say "Congratulations Alex!!!" and let everyone else debate the validity of the accomplishment.

1. Alex Rodriguez hits 600-homer milestone off Jays. [Toronto Star]
2. As chase to 600 ends, pressure is still on. [The New York Times]
3. A-Rod takes his place. [Ottawa Citizen]
4. A-Rod's homers blaze trail across baseball. []

5. With 600 behind him, can Alex Rodriguez catch Bonds' 762?. [USA Today]
6. Adjustments to swing have kept Yankees' Alex Rodriguez productive throughout career. [The Star-Ledger]
7. Yankee Stadium attendant Frankie Babilonia snags Alex Rodriguez's 600th homer and returns it to star. [New York Daily News]
8. Alex Rodriguez hits home run No. 600—does anybody really care? [Chicago Sun-Times]

9. Bucky Dent: A-Rod's 600th is still historic. [ESPN]
10. Johnny Damon denounces negative media coverage of A-Rod. [Detroit Free Press]
11. Willie Mays glad to see Alex Rodriguez reach 600 homer plateau, doesn't want to talk about performance-enhancing drug use. [New York Daily News]
12. A-Rod's home run feat: 600 reasons not to care. [The Christian Science Monitor]

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