Thursday, August 19, 2010


Roger Clemens insisted on testifying before Congress. The cocky former pitching great thought he could throw a lie past congress the way he threw a fastball past a hitter. But just as age caught up to Clemens on the field, so has the lie. He was indicted today and could end up in prison. He also may have thrown away his chance at the Hall of Fame. Why do people with tremendous talent such as Clemens, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds find a need to bend the rules to gain an edge? Money and fame. And, for Clemens, the money will now be used to keep him out of jail.

1. Once bound for Cooperstown, now headed to a courtroom. [The New York Times]
2. Read the Clemens indictment. [Google Docs]
3. Clemens lied about doping, indictment charges. [The New York Times]
4. From three strikes to six counts, the case against Roger Clemens. [USA Today]

5. David Segui says his testimony of timeline may have implicated Clemens. [USA Today]
6. Tale of two teammates. [The Wall Street Journal]
7. Against all reason, Roger Clemens took a risk and now he's facing the consequences. [The Washington Post]
8. Timeline of the Clemens scandal. [Houston Chronicle]

9. The Mitchell Report on steroid use in baseball (PDF). [USA Today - see PDF pages 215-223 for Clemens info]
10. SN’s Hall of Fame voters wouldn’t support Clemens. [Yahoo! Sports from The Sporting News]
11. New Daily News sports I-Team book takes you into Roger Clemens' steamy world of sex and drugs. [New York Daily News]
12. Country singer Mindy McCready, who had affair with Roger Clemens, says she feels sorry for Rocket. [New York Daily News]

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