Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The last combat brigade left Iraq today - nearly two weeks ahead of schedule. While approximately 50,000 troops will remain, President Obama has made good on his word. In very difficult times, the President is performing to the highest standards, as shown in a recent poll that stated that 57% of Americans believe he is performing as expected and 17% say he is performing beyond expectation. So, how about giving the man a break and contacting your congressional representatives, demanding that they work with him. Yes, we can get something done in America if we want to...

1. Last full US combat brigade leaves Iraq. [Voice of America]
2. Civilians to take U.S. lead after military leaves Iraq. [The New York Times]
3. U.S. says troop numbers in Iraq at 56,000. [Reuters Canada]
4. Last U.S. combat troops leave Iraq (Photo Gallery). [The Washington Post]

5. In Iraq, western clocks, but Middle Eastern time. [The New York Times]
6. As combat troops leave, Iraq's future still uncertain. [MSNBC]
7. Seven years on, a farewell to Iraq. [Today]
8. U.S. withdrawal not end to mission in Iraq. [The Washington Times]

9. U.S. to double civilian force in Iraq after withdrawal. [FOX News]
10. Iraq in the rear-view mirror. [Los Angeles Times]
11. What's next in Iraq? [FOX News]
12. US announces second fake end to Iraq War. [AntiWar]

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